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Explore our services to find meaningful relationships. We're here to help you navigate love, sex, and dating.

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Local Kiss offers expert advice on love, sex, and dating. Our services help you navigate relationships with confidence. Trust Local Kiss to guide you in your romantic journey.

Rainbow hearts symbol on pink paper for true love in all gender

Love pack

2199 INR

1 M

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Get a one-hour consultation. Ideal for beginners who need initial guidance and advice about dating.



Young tender and in love couple. Hold a paper red heart in your hands. During this they kiss and hide behind the heart. Dressed in red dress and white shirt.

Kiss pack

3499 INR


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An in-depth session focusing on advanced dating strategies. Suitable for those with some experience.



Different sex toys (spanking pad, fur handcuffs, vibrator, whip and other) are on a white background. Nearby are small pumpkins and figurines of bats. Image for advertising sex shop for Halloween.

BDSM & Kink Pack

7999 INR


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A personalized and intensive session aimed at overcoming specific dating challenges.



At localkiss , we believe in helping individuals discover the joys of meaningful relationships. Our team is dedicated to providing resources and support for those navigating the world of love and intimacy.

Based in India, we offer guidance on dating, sex, and building strong connections. Our goal is to create an inclusive and educational environment where everyone can learn and grow.

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What services do you offer?

We offer dating advice, relationship tips, and guidance on maintaining healthy sexual relationships.

Can you help with online dating?

Yes, we provide tips and strategies to improve your online dating experience.

Do you offer personalized advice?

Yes, we tailor our advice to meet your individual needs and circumstances.

Can you help with relationship issues?

Absolutely, we offer support and guidance for various relationship challenges.

Is your service confidential?

Yes, all our services are confidential to ensure your privacy and comfort.

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Our team at localKiss is here to help you navigate the world of love and intimacy. Reach out for guidance and support on dating, relationships, and more.

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